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Grinding online slots, or a game that is referred to as a grinding slot, are terms that you may very well have heard of before. These expressions can be found across countless forums online, and heard when watching online casino streamers. So what exactly do they mean?

In this article we will explain all of the differences between grinding an online slot for wagering purposes, grinding online slots in general, and an online slot that is classed as a grinding slot. 

This may sound complicated, but these are simple terms once you know which is which. We will also supply you with slots that fall into the grinding category, so that you can play them for free and see what benefits they offer you. 

  • What does it mean if you are grinding online slots?

If you are choosing to grind online slots this means that you are taking the playing approach of picking slots that have the potential to reward you with a small profit, or ones you can play for a small stake that offer a high reward. You're basically trying to maximise your bets as best as you possibly can, to either build up a playing balance, or to escape a slot session with a minor return.

  • How do you grind an online slot for wagering purposes?

If you have got to the stage of your slot session where you have started to play with bonus money, then you will need to complete the wagering requirements of that bonus before you are eligible to withdraw any winnings. This is where grinding online slots for the purposes of wagering comes in to play. What you would be looking for are slots that offer a high RTP, or ones that you know have the potential to be very generous with wins in the base game.

Obviously the aim is to play through the required amount with as much of your balance in tact as possible, and so the tactic grinding is used. You may not necessarily be playing a slot that you particularly like, but the overall goal is to complete the required wagering for a withdrawal. 

  • Can you make a profit grinding online slots?

There are a certain type of player that go by the name of bonus hunter. The more skilled players in this particular area of online slotting are able to find and manipulate casino bonuses to their advantage through grinding online slots, this is generally done through poor execution of a bonus by the casino, leaving an opportunity for clever players to pick certain slots that will help to play through the wagering of a bonus.

For this method to be really profitable for a professional bonus hunter, they will need to be able to create multiple accounts to build up potential winnings. For the average player who attempts to make a profit through grinding an online slot, there will be both successful and unsuccessful attempts, there is no sure way to guarantee a profit when playing online slots, and that should always be remembered. 


So if you're looking for the best slots for wagering, or you want to try and grind a few slots to improve your bankroll, then our selection of games will steer you in the right direction. All of our titles below come with a detailed review, and the ability to play them in a free play demo.

As a slot player it's always a good idea to have an assortment of good wagering games at your disposal, this way you can build up a slot wagering strategy to give you the best chance of beating any wagering requirements. 

Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo

Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo

Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo

  • What is a grinding slot?

When you hear somebody refer to a slot as a grinding slot, this means that it is a game that requires you to build up to triggering the bonus or features within the slot. Generally speaking these style of games can take a prolonged period of time to achieve the main bonus, or extra enhancement. 

  • What's the best way to play a grinding slot?

There are two main approaches when it comes to playing a grinding slot. You can either choose to go all in and play for the bonus / enhanced feature in one playing session, or you can play a set amount of spins / bankroll and trigger the bonus through your play over a period of slot sessions.

The key point to remember when playing a grinding slot, is to play at a stake relative to your balance. These games as we have already mentioned can take a long time to trigger a bonus, so you should make sure that your bet sizes give you enough spins to be able to make good progress through the game whilst you're playing it. 

best grinding slots online to play

We've listed the best grinding slots below if you would like to give them a go and see what they are about. Each of these slots include an informative and thorough review, so you will be left with all questions answered about any of these games, and will have a full understanding of how each one works.

Within the review of these slots you will also have access to a free play demo, this way you can further see how each bonus is activated what is required to grind the slot. 

Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo

Review & Free Play Demo
Review & Free Play Demo


As the topic of wagering falls into the same category as grinding online slots, it makes total sense for us to also cover the subject during this article. So what is wagering? and why is it in place?

  • Wagering requirements can also be known as playthrough requirements, and these terms are used for a couple of reasons when it comes to online gambling. Firstly, money laundering is taken very serious within the industry, and regulators are keen for the casinos to make sure they are not accepting money from criminal activity. This is why casinos tend to enforce the rule that you must wager, or playthrough your deposit at least once, this prevents criminals depositing dirty money into a casino, and then instantly withdrawing it as clean money.
  • The term wagering is however more commonly associated with a player trying to work their way through a bonus that they have accepted from a casino. The player is required to wager, or playthrough the amount of bonus money they have accepted multiple times, determined upon by the terms and conditions of the bonus they have received. Wagering requirements are complete once this process has been completed and any balance that is left is then eligible for a withdrawal. 



Wagering is a very straightforward process, but we will break it down for you in this section so you fully understand how it works, and what to expect when you come up against it.

Casinos use bonuses to attract new players, or to offer existing ones a little extra to play with, once you as player begin to use this bonus money to play with, then the wagering attached to the bonus you have accepted will become active. Below is an example of a wagering requirement equation, so that you can see how it works.

  • Player deposits €100 and accepts a 100% bonus = €200 playing funds. - Wagering requirements are 35x bonus.

Above you can see that our virtual player has had their deposit matched and now has €200 to play with. Once their balance hits €100 or below then they are required to fulfil the wagering requirements of the bonus, which in this case is 35x €100 = €3,500.

So our player most now wager ( playthrough ) a total of €3,500 before they can withdraw what is in their playing balance. Each casino bonus that you come across will be unique, and the terms & conditions may vary drastically across them. Below we have listed some points that you should always check if you accept a casino bonus.

  • Full wagering requirement
  • Maximum stake allowed
  • Any games that may be excluded 
  • Max withdrawal restrictions



There are a variety of casino bonuses that you will come cross when playing at an online casino, so we've broken them down for you into bitesized information that you can take onboard and remember. 

  • Welcome bonus - Fairly self explanatory this one. Upon registering at a casino you will receive a bonus when you deposit for the first time. These are typically match bonuses up to a set amount, for example it could be 100% up to €200, meaning anything you deposit up to €200 the casino will match. Once you enter the bonus funds on this type of bonus it will wagering requirements attached to it.
  • Free spins bonus - If you take a free spins bonus, this means that the casino will give you a set amount of spins to play on a selection of slots, or a slot of their choosing. This can be anything up to 100 spins, but you will find that the stake is set to the lowest possible amount in most cases, and it will be on a low volatile slot. Any winnings from these spins in nearly all cases, will have wagering requirements attached to them.
  • No deposit bonus - No deposit bonuses are a good way to try out a new slot or game, and casinos often use this type of bonus to give a player a try before you buy scenario. If you choose to take this type of bonus, any winnings that you accumulate will then need to be wagered according to the terms and conditions, you will also find that there will be a cap on the amount of winnings that you can withdraw from the bonus. 
  • Deposit bonuses - Online casinos run various promotions for existing players, and one of these promo's are deposit bonuses. They can come in the form of anything from a 10% match, all the way up to a 100% match. These types of bonuses are exactly the same as a welcome bonus, once you hit the bonus cash you will then need to meet the wagering requirements to be able to cash out any winnings. 
  • Cashback / Refund bonus - If you come across a Cashback or Refund bonus, then this means the casino will give you back a percentage of your losses over a set period of time. This type of bonus is one that a number of players like, as in most instances the cash received back doesn't need to be wagered and can be instantly withdrawn. 

So now you know what sort of bonuses you can expect to see when playing online, you will also need to know what categories of bonuses there are. You're likely to come across 3 styles of bonuses when playing, and these are the ones that we will explain for you in an FAQ format.

  • What is a parachute bonus?

Arguably the most preferred bonus among players is the parachute bonus. When taking this type of bonus your cash balance and bonus balance are kept separate. This means that if you win whilst playing with your cash balance then you can withdraw at any time without having to complete any of the wagering. Playthrough requirements will only come into play once you begin using the bonus balance. 

  • What is a sticky bonus?

You may hear a sticky bonus also referred to as a phantom bonus. If you have accepted this style of casino bonus and you beat the wagering, then the sum of the bonus you were initially awarded will be removed from your overall balance. If you do come across a sticky bonus, you may find that you are offered a much higher percentage match, for example 200% - 300%. This is advantageous for players who would like to play at a higher stake than normal, or perhaps get longer playing time for their money. 

  • What is a non sticky bonus?

If you have claimed a non sticky casino bonus, and then go on to beat the wagering, whatever your balance is at the end of it you will get to keep. So unlike the sticky bonus, if you were awarded a €500 bonus, it will remain at the end of your playthrough requirements and be eligible for withdrawal. 


The definitions of grinding online slots that are explained in this article are certainly something that you are going to come across when playing online. It's important to grasp an understanding of these terms and how they work in relation to your gameplay, and when trying to complete the wagering of a bonus. Soak up the information provided, and don't forget to try out our suggested games to help you along the way. 


  • What are the best slots for wagering? - If you're looking for good wagering games then you should try slots that offer a high RTP, or ones that have a very generous base game. We recommend to play Bonanza Megaways™, Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways™, Rainbow Riches, Steamtower, and Gemix. 
  • What does 35x wagering mean? - 35x wagering means that you must play through the bonus cash that you received 35 times. You can apply this to any type of wagering, 10x wagering requires a play through of 10 times, 20x wagering requires a play through of 20 times, and so on.
  • What is a fair wagering requirement? - In the modern day you can expect to see a wagering requirement of around 35x - 40x when you take a bonus. Anything above this is going to be difficult to beat, whilst anything lower will increase your chances dramatically. 
  • Should I take a casino bonus? - Choosing to take a casino bonus can act as a second chance for a player. If you lose your initial deposit then you may have some hefty wagering to try and get through, but you still have a chance of achieving a cashout, and will get extended playing time.
  • Can you grind out wagering to make a profit on slots? - Whilst grinding online slots to beat a playthrough requirement is possible, you are likely to fail more times than you succeed when trying this method. The RTP of online slots will eventually catch up with you, and leave you short of making the required wagering to cash out.


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