Branded online slots provide game developers with the opportunity to offer some familiarity to players within their product. I mean let's face it, we all have a favourite movie, tv show, comic book hero, or song that we always lean toward when it is presented to us against other generic options.

So, with that in mind we decided to write a branded slots page for you so that you can check out all of the licensed games that have made it into a casino lobby. Each branded slot that we feature includes a detailed review so that you can learn more about the bonuses and modifiers that are present within it. 

Just to complete the full package you can also access a demo version of our selected branded casino slots in their review, which are playable on desktop and all mobile devices. 

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  • Should I avoid branded slots? - In the long run branded slots don't really differ too much from generic slots that you will find when playing online. By that we mean that some are absolutely amazing, and others are quite frankly terrible! It's always wise to check the RTP of a branded slot before you play it, which you will find in the help section of the game. If it's anything below 95% then we would recommend that you steer clear of it.
  • What are the best branded slots to play? - This will no doubt come down to your own personal preference, but as far as entertainment and slots that are packed with features are concerned, we do have a few recommendations. We highly suggest that you give Rick & Morty Megaways™, Danger High voltage, and The Goonies a try, as these contain some of the most exciting bonus rounds that you will come across when playing a branded slot online.
  • Can you play branded slots on a mobile phone? - Yes you can. It's now pretty much a given that any slot that you choose to play will be accessible on your mobile phone, and deliver the same playing experience as it would on desktop. We actually prefer playing branded slots on a handheld device, as you can plug your earphones in and hear every sound effect and jingle clearly that the slot has to offer.
  • Do you need a big bankroll to play a branded slot? - You could be easily forgiven for thinking that it might cost you a small fortune to take a few spins on a slot with a licensed theme, but it's actually not the case. In general you will find that you can get into the heart of the action on any slot within this niche for as little as €0.20 a play.
  • What genres can I expect to see when choosing a branded slot? - You will find that there are a variety of weird and wonderful branded slots that you can choose to play. Categories available for you to browse through include movie, superhero, cartoon, TV show, gameshow, music, arcade games, and celebrity. 


It's always good to have a little variation in your slot line up when you fancy a few spins, and incorporating some branded slots into your portfolio is a good way to keep your play fresh, but more importantly entertaining. 

Slot providers will always continue to bring the latest licensed products to market, as this can have a huge impact on their industry presence if it proves to be a solid title. This was seen recently when Blueprint Gaming released Rick & Morty Megaways™, which had unprecedented success on release and continues to be popular to this day.

To conclude we would say that on a whole you will get a good experience from playing slot titles that you know through brand presence. You just have to be prepared for the occasional one that is like a movie sequel, whereby you expect it to be great, but in the end it's a complete and utter fail.



Review by Nigel Hall

22 Years Gambling Industry Experience

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