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Due to new legislation from the UK Gambling Commission, users of free play slots in the UK must now be age verified, this only needs to be completed once when you first use one of our slots, and then you can play at our site as often as you like. Players outside of the UK are exempt from this check and the game will load as normal when you click play now. 


Having played online slots for a number of years I was delighted to come across the game provider Big Time Gaming. I felt that they pumped some much needed new blood into the online industry, and through their innovation and creation of the Megaways™ pay mechanic the current online slot market is booming.

compliance to the uk market

On the 12th July 2019 we successfully implemented age identification checks on our site to comply with the latest legislation from the UK Gambling Commission. In doing so, this made us the first website that offers free play slots to fall in line with this latest change to the law, and once again shows how dedicated we are to keeping compliant and protecting those most at risk. 

Of all the websites that offer free play slots we are one of the newest kids on the block, and most definitely one of the smallest, but to be the first to fall in line with regulations shows how seriously we take the rules that are set out by the UKGC. 

We have been lucky enough to have been featured in Coinslot International, and you can read the article about our site and age verification here

WHY START A WEBSITE ABOUT big time gaming and megaways™ slots?

Being a regular slots player and talking with other people I know, it became very apparent that Big Time Gaming were making waves with players all over the world. I thought it would be a good idea to form a website that focused purely on Big Time Gaming and Megaways™ slots, that offers not just a detailed and trustworthy review of their slots, but also gives players the opportunity to try them out for free, and if they wish to play the slots for real then they could choose to do so at one of the trusted and honest online casinos that I have personally played at, and reviewed.


Unfortunately there are rogue online casinos out there that have predatory terms and conditions, or just generally operate without the players best interests at heart.

Finding slots that you love to play and get great entertainment from is one of the most important aspects of online gambling, but finding a place to play them that treats you well, pays you any winnings in an acceptable time frame, and takes responsible gambling seriously is equally if not more important.


Having played at 100s of online casinos I've certainly come across some fantastic ones, but also endured plenty of diabolical experiences along the way.

All recommendations on this website will be casinos that I have personally played at, and deposited my own money with. Whilst I always use my own experiences at online casinos to form a judgement, I do take other peoples comments onboard, and regularly check on various forums if players are having bad experiences. If that outweighs what I deem to be a good and honest online casino, then It won't be making on to this website.


I've worked in the UK in various positions in the land based gambling industry for over 20 years, and have always enjoyed a play on the slots and found the evolution of them very interesting.

With the advancements in technology over this period of time, the choice and ease to play online is fascinating and something I enjoy learning more about everyday.

In all honesty though I'm just the same as most online punters, I play at a reasonable and sensible stake, and play within my limits which I would encourage anybody to do. If I've got a bit of extra cash then I'll try and get some good value for money on the slots and hope for a win, if not I can just play them for free, which of course is the name of the game with this website.

final conclusion and update of the site

Since the creation of this website in August 2018 it has continued to grow and attract visitors that are interested in BTG and the Megaways™ slots that are now produced by a number of software providers. Bigtimegamingfreeplay ( BTGFP ) thrives to be the go to website for all things BTG and Megaways™ releated, and through the detailed reviews and service we provide, and your continued support, we will make sure you receive the best experiences possible.

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